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Virtual Hamfest

Like most hams we have a tendency to collect a lot of items for future use. We started to do some digging and discovered a treasure trove of good stuff. We suggest you check back to this page frequently to see the new uniqiue, rare items we've uncovered.

All of the items sold on this page are being sold as-is - no warranty and no returns.

Unless specified in the item description, we are selling these items under our normal shipping policy.

Kenwood Hand Mic
Product ID : ZZZ0088
Kenwood Hand Mic - 8 Pin
Collins KWM-380 Brochure
Product ID : ZZZ0086
Collins KWM-380 Product Brochure
Collins Amateur Equipment Brochure Stained
Product ID : ZZZ0080
Collins Amateur Equipment Brochure
Collins Amateur Equipment Brochure
Product ID : ZZZ0081
Collins Amateur Equipment Brochure
TenTec Triton IV / 544? Manual
Product ID : ZZZ0083
Ten-Tec Triton IV Owner's Manual
Collins KWM-380 Brochure Mint!!
Product ID : ZZZ0079
Collins KWM-380 Product Brochure - Mint!!
Icom PS-15
Product ID : ZZZ0057
Icom PS-15 Power Supply
Hallicrafters SR-42A Manual
Product ID : ZZZ0040
Instruction and service manual for SR-42A
Hallicrafters HT-33 Mark I
Product ID : ZZZ0037
Instruction and service manual for HT-33 Mark I
Original Hallicrafters SX-96 Manual
Product ID : ZZZ0034
Instruction manual for Hallicrafters SX-96
National NCX-500 Instruction Manual
Product ID : ZZZ0015
Instruction Manual for National NCX-500