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Virtual Hamfest

Like most hams we have a tendency to collect a lot of items for future use. We started to do some digging and discovered a treasure trove of good stuff. We suggest you check back to this page frequently to see the new uniqiue, rare items we've uncovered.

All of the items sold on this page are being sold as-is - no warranty and no returns.

Unless specified in the item description, we are selling these items under our normal shipping policy.

Ten-Tec Argosy II Manual
Product ID : ZZZ0359
Instruction Manual
Ten-Tec 234 Speech Processor Manual
Product ID : ZZZ0352
Instruction Manual
Ten-Tec 562 Omni V Manual
Product ID : ZZZ0351
Instruction Manual
Ten-Tec 422 Centurion Manual
Product ID : ZZZ0349
Instruction Manual
Drake R-4 Manual
Product ID : ZZZ0273
Instruction Manual
Oak Bay Tech. LP-11P
Product ID : ZZZ0234
HF Low Pass Filter
Icom IC756PRO Service Manual CD
Product ID : ZZZ0216
Service Manual on CD - New!
Icom AG1
Product ID : ZZZ0189
430 MHz Low-Noise Pre-Amp
Kenwood MC80
Product ID : ZZZ0509-CLV
Kenwood MC80 Needs some work
Sencore CG18
Product ID : ZZZ0187
Color Generator
Kenwood MC60 Mic Only
Product ID : ZZZ0186
Kenwood MC60 Mic Only
Sencore Handy 36 H36 RC Substitution Unit
Product ID : ZZZ0185
Sencore Handy 36 H36 RC Substitution Unit
Kenwood TH75A/E Service Manual
Product ID : ZZZ0154
Service Manual for Kenwood TH75A/E
Kenwood TH-75A/E Service Manual
Product ID : ZZZ0153
Service Manual for Kenwood TH75A/E
Kenwood TM431A/E Service Manual
Product ID : ZZZ0152
Service Manual for Kenwood TM431A/E
Bird 8080
Product ID : ZZZ0180
Bird 25W N Connector Coaxial Resistor
Kenwood TH235A/E TH234 Service Manual
Product ID : ZZZ0146
Service Manual for Kenwood TH235A/E TH234
Kenwood TH26A/AT/E Service Manual
Product ID : ZZZ0171
Service Manual for Kenwood TH22A/AT/E