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Tools / Kits

Weller WESD51
50W Adjustable Soldering Station
Weller WTCPT
60W Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
Weller WSTA3
Pyropen® Butane Soldering Iron with Case
**Don't RAZ us about this item!** Wireless Inspection Camera
MFJ 852
Power Line Noise Meter RFI Detector
MFJ 762
Step Attenuator
Weller W-60P
60W Pencil-Type Soldering Iron
MFJ 8100K
Regenerative Shortwave Receiver - Kit Form
Inline Wattmeter to measure Volts, Amps and Watts fed with Power Poles
Velleman VT-LAMP2BNU
Magnifier Lamp
Wahl 7740
Cordless Soldering Iron Kit
Weller WP-25
25W Pencil-Type Soldering Iron
Wahl 7974
SolderPro 70 Butane Soldering Iron
Weller 7200PKS
Multi-purpose Soldering Gun
Powerwerx LFR-3
Emergency Signaling Device (Road Flare)
Vectronics 1140K
40M Receiver Kit
Vectronics 1240K
40M QRP CW Transmitter Kit
Vectronics 1290K
AM Radio Transmitter Kit
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