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Smiley 14620
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Price: $19.95
Product ID : SMI14620
Manufacturer: Smiley
Milwaukee: Out of Stock
Orlando: In stock
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Item Description

2M 5/8-Wave Slim Duck BNC Handheld Antenna

Detailed Description

2M, 5/8-wave, 7db gain, flexible base loaded ant. 12" long. Rated at 50 Watts and has a BNC connector. Each Smiley antenna is individually tuned to resonance at the band center (no ground plane, no radials). They’re manufactured from the finest heat-treated copper plated spring steel coils. Cold rubber compound is used for coil insulation with a PVC heat-shrink coating applied for strength and endurance.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by RonM
07/24/2015 - 01:34:07 PM
2m 5/8 smiley 14620
i bought this antenna for my Kenwood 2m HT back when I first got my Ham license. It's worked flawlessly ever since. It's very flexible and very rugged. I've never had any problem hitting repeaters locally and have hit repeaters 10 miles away on flat ground with no hills or mountains in the way.. It's a durable antenna and well worth the money. I've hit reapers standing next to people using HT's with the same power that could t hit the same repeater with their stock antennas... They ended up buying one for theirs... Proof is always in the pudding!!
Reviewed by jzorns
jzorns bought "Smiley 14620" on our website
07/04/2013 - 11:45:55 PM
Best rubber duck I've ever used
This duck is about twice as long as the stock one on my Icom IC-V80. When the HT is on my belt at 4:00, the antenna gently taps me in the back, but it is not uncomfortable.

This duck is mid-way, performance-wise between the stock duck and my 1/2 wave telescopic MFJ one.

The stock duck is only *slightly* more comfortable to carry, while on the belt. But the telescopic one is just downright uncomfortable to carry on the belt, as the antenna pokes me firmly in the back.

The price is reasonable, the build quality is good, and it is made in the USA. This is the perfect compromise antenna for a 2m HT.

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