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MFJ 1714
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Price: $16.95
Product ID : MFJ1714
Manufacturer: MFJ
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Item Description

2M Long Ranger Halfwave BNC Handheld Antenna

Detailed Description

This end-fed 1/2-wave is hard to beat. At 40 inches extended it outperforms a 5/8 wave because it does not need a ground plane. When collapsed to 10.5 inches, it performs equal to a regular rubber duck and places less stress on the antenna connector.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by jzorns
jzorns bought "MFJ 1714" on our website
07/04/2013 - 11:58:56 PM
GREAT performance.
It is shocking how much stronger the signal is with this antenna, compared to a stock duck antenna. It can be easily demonstrated with this antenna: Collapse it fully, this is the same performance as a stock duck. Now, extend it fully, the receive signal from a repeater 50 miles away goes from 75% static to maybe 40% static. Huge difference.

It is stiff though, and a bit longer than a stock duck, even when collapsed. It is not really comfortable to carry an HT on one's belt with this antenna attached, as it pokes into the back uncomfortably and puts unnecessary stress onto the BNC connector. So what I like to do is carry this as a back-up, when I might need that extra range. If my 5/8 wave Smiley duck won't cut muster, then I fit this one, and it is like a beam from heaven, shining down upon my HT.

I'm not sure how well the telescopics with the rubber middle section work; it seems like there'd be some performance lost from that rubber section.

I think the disadvantages in this antenna are inherent to any collapsible telescopic antenna. This is a good quality unit, at a fair price, with predictable downsides. So I give it a full five stars.

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