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Unified Microsystems BCD-14


BCD-14 Band Decoder/ Antenna Selector Module

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Are you building your own antenna switching system? The BCD-14 Band Decoder/ Antenna Selector module is an important component in it. Board level product, it includes the switching logic and relay drivers to easily interface between your Elecraft® K3, Yaesu® radio, or computer and the antenna switches.

The BCD-14 decodes the band select signals from the radio or computer to automatically select the proper antenna or band pass filter for the current band. The inputs are optically isolated to provide maximum isolation between your radio or computer and the antenna switching system.

The outputs are grounding type open collector relay drivers. One output will be active, depending on the input signals. Outputs can be wired OR'd to select a single antenna for multiple bands. For example one relay may be used to select your tribander.

The BCD-14 covers 160-10 meters, including the WARC bands, and 6M, 2M & 70cm.

Block Diagram: BCD-14
User Manual: BCD-14
Schematic: BCD-14

Note: This is not an add-on board for the radio. This is for the home brewer looking to build their own module.

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