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Radiowavz DX-160SH


160/80/40M Shortened DX Off-Center-Fed Windom Antenna 147 ft. Long

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A favorite of DX’ers world-wide due to its terrific multi-band performance when used with an antenna tuner. Basically a dipole fed off-center with a RadioWavz 4:1 balun positioned at an optimum off-center point to provide the best multi-band match. An SO-239 connector provides for attaching convenient length 50 coaxial cable. The radiation from the vertical feeder portion combines with horizontal radiation produced by the top section to form a low-angle, omni-directional pattern. The antenna should be installed as high as possible and the feedline should drop vertically from the horizontal as far as is practical. Made with durable, #14 black, UV resistant insulated stranded wire. Rated 1500W SSB/ 200W CW. Install horizontally, as a sloper, or inverted-V.

Weight 3.4 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 14 x 2 in


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