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Alpha Delta GBWM


Copper Ground Bus Wall Mount

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Copper Ground Bus Wall Mount

Mount is a very rugged device for mounting up to 4 Alpha Delta Model TT/ATT3G50 series broadband coax surge protectors (NOT INCLUDED).


Heavy gauge (.0937, 13 ga.) copper prevents twisting or flexing from the weight of long coax cable runs. See photo


Remove plastic PVC protective cover sheet from bus bar before mounting. Can

hold up to 4 TT/ATT3G50 coax surge protectors. Can be used indoors/outdoors.


Use supplied stud and nut that comes with the TT/ATT3G50 units to mount units

to bus bar. 2 Model TT/ATT3G50s units shown for illustration only.


Use anti-oxidant grease (Penetrox) between protectors and copper bar.

Be sure to seal mating PL-259 or N male connectors on coax, from connector

shell over coax, for weather proofing. Check dealer for sealant types.


Wall mounting screws are common types (#10 pan head or common black

drywall screws). User supplied.


Supplied copper lugs handle ground wires from #14 to #4 to attach to Single

Point Grounds (SPG), station grounds or ground rods. Crimp ring terminals

provided for additional ground wire connections.

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 2 x 2 in


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