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Outbacker OUTPOST

Outbacker OUTPOST
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Price: $274.95
Manufacturer: Outbacker
Milwaukee: In stock
Orlando: In stock
Cleveland: Out of Stock
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Item Description

The Outpost Base Tripod Mount

Detailed Description

An efficient way to use mobile antennas in Base or Portable applications.

The 36 in. long by 3 in. wide fold-out feet form a large capacitor coupling with the earth which results in greatly improved radiation efficiency. Makes an ideal condo, limited space antenna system that can provide incredible DX performance. Compact, fold-up design sets up quickly and collapses in seconds with no holes, no concrete required.

Mount is a 3/8 x 24 thread stud. Great for using mobile antennas in a temporary or base environment.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by GrandpBear
09/06/2014 - 03:56:06 PM
Great Mount
I have used this mount a couple times with my Outbacker Antenna and it is an excellent piece of gear. SWR is similar to my permanent antenna. I strongly recommend it for anyone with an Outbacker Antenna. I haven't tried it with other antennas, but it should work with a Ham Stick or other antenna.

I will say that you need to be careful carrying this so you don't whack things with it as it will leave a beautiful crease in a wood door frame. You can also pinch your fingers, thump your toes, or attack you if you are distracted. And it is a little bit awkward to carry.

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