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Comet CP-5NMO
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Price: $69.95
Product ID : CMTCP5NMO
Manufacturer: Comet
Milwaukee: In stock
Orlando: In stock
Cleveland: In stock
Las Vegas: In stock
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Item Description

Heavy-Duty NMO Mount to PL-259 Trunk Lip Mount; 16.75' Cable

Detailed Description

Universal adjustable lip mount, 16' 6" deluxe cable assembly with NMO/PL-259 connectors.  Quality appearance and low loss coax cable assembly.  Installs easily in only minutes to virtually any lip on a vehicle:  Trunk lids, truck rear doors, SUV and van rear doors, hood lip, etc… Does not damage expensive and/or leased vehicles.  

  Footprint:  3.4" x 1.25"
Mount adjusts in 4 planes. The first 18 inches of coax is mini RG-174A/U type allowing easy entry through the weather seal into the vehicle without causing wind noise, water leaks or coax damage.  The coax balance is low loss with NMO & PL-259 connectors.  The PL-259 connector disassembles for easier routing or to shorten the coax length.  Soft rubber pad protects the vehicle paint, 4 large set screws hold the mount firmly in place.
Max Power:
HF: 100W
VHF: 75W
UHF: 50W

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by ppisczak
06/10/2015 - 04:10:53 AM
Well Made Mount
Started out with an NMO through hole mount to go on the roof of my suv. Since I carry a large canoe I had given up the idea of having both up at the same time. Looked right by a trunk lip mount as I had no trunk till I saw a Ham with one on the hood of his car near his windshield. Now I can have both the antenna and canoe together.

This mount is well designed and made. It conforms nicely to the car hood and the antenna axis adjusts in any direction. Most important in my case is that I can rotate adjust the nmo part so the exit of the cable is just where I want it for dressing and securing. Some have complained that the small coax leaving this part is not strained relief enough. In my estimation this is true, so be careful until you have the coax properly routed and tied down. But the small diameter coax allows for a reduced bend radius, a definite advantage when routing.

Small point for rag chewers, the 50W UHF 70cm capability that Comet advertises is for 60% duty cycle. I like the design, adjustments, small size and strength. Would buy it again.

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