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New Items

These are new items to the AES inventory. They may not yet be in stock but we are taking orders for them. Note: Some descriptions will be enhanced and pictures added as we receive more information from the manufacturer.
Yaesu HRI-200
LDG YT-1200
Icom ID-51A LE Red
Icom ID-51A LE Green
Icom ID-51A LE White
Icom ID-51A LE Blue
Icom ID-51A LE Black
Kenwood KES-3S
Jetstream JT-222M
Powerwerx Test Buddy
Powerwerx Panel DVM
Wouxun KG-UV8D
ARRL 0239
ARRL 0079
MFJ 1976
MFJ 351T
Ameritron ALS-1306