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These are new items to the AES inventory. They may not yet be in stock but we are taking orders for them. Note: Some descriptions will be enhanced and pictures added as we receive more information from the manufacturer.
Pro Micro Single Side Headset for Icom Radios
C Crane SKWV
AM/FM/Air/Shortwave Radio
Alpha Delta Tower Leg Mount
Tower Leg Mount to connect up to 4 Lightning Protectors
Yaesu SMB-201
Desktop Cooling Fan
Powerwerx Powerpole Case
170 Piece Assorted 15/30/45A Anderson Powerpole Case
ARRL 0284
2015-2016 TravelPlus for Repeaters CD-ROM
Powerwerx PD-8
PowerPole 8-Way Distribution Block
Unified Microsystems BT-75
Beverage antenna transformer
Velleman VTSS4NU
48W Adjustable Soldering Station
Heil HTH-I
Headset for Icom HTs
Heil HTH-K
Headset for Kenwood HTs
Heil HTH-Y
Headset for Yaesu HTs
Powerwerx PD-4
PowerPole 4-Way Distribution Block
ARRL 0976 Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateurs
Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateurs
Powerwerx Panel DVM
Panel Mount Digital Volt Meter 12VDC
Velleman VTTEST11N
Cable Tracer with Tone Generator
ARRL 2205 Desktop Repeater Directory
2015-2016 ARRL Repeater Directory (Desktop Edition)
Powerwerx Terminal Set
360 Piece Terminal Connector Assortment Box