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These are new items to the AES inventory. They may not yet be in stock but we are taking orders for them. Note: Some descriptions will be enhanced and pictures added as we receive more information from the manufacturer.
Tech Book & Software Package
Kenwood KES-3S
Mobile Speaker
MFJ 1976
10-foot stainless steel telescopic whip. 3/8 X 24 Thread.
Yaesu SSM-55A
Earpiece/Mic for threaded single-pin Yaesu Radios
RT Systems ADMS-FTDX1200
Programming Software and USB-63 for the Yaesu FT-DX1200
RT Systems WCS-D5100-DATA
Windows Programming Software & USB Data Cable for ID-5100A
Ham Operator Software has All Exams Plus all 3 Gordon West Books
Icom UT-133
Internal Bluetooth Board for ID-5100A
Alinco DJ-500T
2M/440MHz FM Dual Band HT
Radiowavz Pathfinder MK-1
60' 1.8-54MHz End Fed Antenna
Icom VS-3
Bluetooth pendant earpiece/microphone for ID-5100A
Wouxun KG-UV8D
Dual Band 2M/440 MHz FM Amateur Handheld
Alinco DM-330FXT
30A Variable Switching Power Supply with USB Ports
MFJ 209C
.53 to 230 MHz SWR Analyzer
Jetstream JT-222M
220MHz FM Mobile
Radiowavz Pathfinder Ranger
60' 1.8-54MHz End Fed Antenna High Power Version
MFJ 249C
.53-230 MHz SWR Analyzer with out Meters
MFJ 269C
.53-230 & 415-470 MHz SWR Analyzer