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Icom ID-5100A
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Price: $549.95
Product ID : ICOID5100A
Manufacturer: Icom
Milwaukee: In stock
Orlando: In stock
Cleveland: In stock
Las Vegas: In stock
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Item Description

**Close-out!** 2M/440 Mobile D-Star Ready

Detailed Description

The ID-5100A is the advanced successor of the IC-2820H, inheriting basic concepts and enhanced features such as V/V, U/U simultaneous receive capability with DV/DV dualwatch, independent tuning knobs and separate controller.

The 5.5-inch touch screen display and menu driven user interface provide for easy, intuitive operation. The integrated GPS receiver shows current position information and can be used for searching near-by DV/FM repeater sites.
The built-in SD card slot can be used for storing various voice and data files.
The optional UT-133 Bluetooth® unit and VS-3 Bluetooth® headset provide hands-free communication and remote control of the radio with three programmable buttons.
The Android™ application RS-MS1A can set DR functions, exchange text messages and pictures and link with a map application for example.

Intuitive Touch Screen Operation
DV/DV Dualwatch (Two DV signals can be monitored)
Integrated GPS Receiver
DV/FM Repeater List Function
Dplus Reflector Linking
SD Card Slot for Voice and Data Storage
50W Output Power (VHF/UHF bands)
Optional VS-3 Bluetooth® Headset
RS-MS1A Android™ Application
(Free download application)

Supplied Accessories:
Hand microphone, HM-207
DC power cable, OPC-1132
Controller cable, OPC-837 (3.5 m; 11.4 ft)
Microphone hanger
CD (CS-5100 and instruction handbook PDF)
Spare fuse

Product Manual: ID5100A

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by njsarn
12/25/2014 - 04:03:19 PM
Great Radio without TNC interface
This is a great radio all around with the following Stars:
* Dual band big screen
* Most all controls are touch screen and intuitive
* Built-in GPS
* Bluetooth works nicely with Android Phone or Bose Aviation head set (A20)
* Low Standby current good for mobile operations
- Unlike IC2820 there is no interface for TNC Packet radio!
Had high hopes for the ID-5100 but it will NOT replace my ID-880H in the RICK because in an emergency, I can not interface it with TNC for packet radio. On the other hand, the same bracket that you have for ID-880 will work on the ID-5100.
Reviewed by mc0l82
05/14/2014 - 01:13:26 PM
Nice radio BUT ....
I was excited that the introductory price was $749. I wondered how Icom could do that. Much to my surprise - I found out after opening the box. Icom opted to NOT include ANY mounting brackets (except for the microphone). The body bracket retails for $35 and is currently back-ordered. The two head-unit mounts are around $35 each. So - the actual "sale" price of the id-5100a is $819 after you buy the mounting brackets.

Don't bother calling Icom - I did, and they simply don't care.

I like some of the new features.
-Touch Screen is nice
-on-screen keyboard makes things easy
-Crossband Repeater is easy to access
-The head cable appears to be a standard 6-pin RJ11 cable.

I dislike the following.
-The radio comes without ANY mounting brackets
-$35-$50 for the head mount and $35 for the body mount
-The new microphone (HM-207) is too simple. I miss having all the various controls where the number keys are.
-The screen is too bright at night (unless you use auto-dim off)
Reviewed by goldwater
goldwater bought "Icom ID-5100A" on our website
05/13/2014 - 08:30:07 PM
You will like this radio
Just got the radio, been playing with it for a day or so. I programed it with RT Systems software. It's easy to set up, the screen is very very large. You can read the numbers from 15 feet away! The touch screen makes it much easier to interface with the radio. I also own the Icom 7100 so had a head start in using it, but think that anyone would find it very intuitive. I've had good audio reports and the audio has adjustments you can make. My one gripe is that Icom does not include the mounts! This is a mobile radio. Come on Icom. At this price one shouldn't have to pay extra for some sheet metal. I do not have a D-star repeater in the area (yet) but we have been using digital simplex. I also own a Icom 2820 so I can operate them side by side. I think this radio will be around for quite a while. Just a lot of features in one package. The SD chip is a one of them. The ability to interface with other devices, folks are going to like So far I'll give it a 5 and feel confident that won't change with time. I'll let others carry on with the techie reviews!

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