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Instruction / Operation

Ameritron ALS-600S
600W PEP HF Linear Amplifier with Switching Power Supply
Ameritron ARB-704
Amplifier Interface Buffer
Ameritron ARB-704I2
Amplifier Interface Buffer for IC-706 and IC-7000
Ameritron ATP-100
Tuning Pulser
Ameritron ATP-102
Deluxe Tuning Pulser
Ameritron ATR-20
Antenna Tuner
Ameritron ATR-30
Legal Limit Antenna Tuner
Ameritron AWM-30B
1.8-30 and 6M SWR/Power Meter
Ameritron AWM-35B
1.8-30 and 6M Mobile SWR/Power Meter
Ameritron CF-5
QSK-5 Cooling Fan for 1500W Operation
Ameritron ICP-120
110V In-Rush Current Protector
Ameritron ICP-240
220V In-Rush Current Protector
Ameritron PNP-10MY
ARB-704 Interface Cable For FT450 Series, FT950 & FTDX1200
Ameritron PNP-13D
ARB-704 Interface Cable For IC-706, 718, 7000 & 7100
Ameritron PNP-35
ARB-704 Interface Cable For FT-100 Series
Ameritron PNP-5M
ARB-704 Interface Cable For FT-847
Ameritron PNP-7D
ARB-704 Interface Cable For TS-570S/590S/2000, etc
Ameritron PNP-8D
ARB-704 Interface Cable For FT-747/767/900/920/990/FT-1000/2000, etc