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Instruction / Operation

LDG RT-600 & RC-600 Combo
Remote Tuner and Remote Control Unit; 600W
M2 Antennas 436-CP42UG
436 MHz 42-Element Circular Polarized Yagi Antenna
Yaesu MTU-160/DS
External 160M High-Q Tuning unit for FTDX9000CONT & FTDX9000MP
Yaesu MTU-30/20/DS
30/20M High-Q Tuning unit for FTDX9000CONT & FTDX9000MP
Yaesu MTU-80/40/DS
80/40M External High-Q Tuning unit for the FTDX9000CONT & FTDX9000MP
Ameritron ATR-20
Antenna Tuner
Cushcraft R-6000
20/17/15/12/10/6M 19' Vertical Base Antenna
Titan 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10M 25 Ft. Vertical Antenna
Hy-Gain CD-45-II
CD-45-II Antenna Rotator
Icom PS-126
Base Station Switching Power Supply
JSC 5971-1000
Standard, 8-Wire; 2-18 Gauge and 6-22 Gauge Rotator Wire 1000 Ft.
JSC 5972-500
Heavy, 8-Wire; 2-16 Gauge and 6-18 Gauge Rotator Wire 500 Ft.
Kenwood PS-60
Heavy Duty 22.5A Power Supply for Kenwood HF & Mobile Radios
Times Microwave LMR-400-500
RG-8/9913 Equivalent Coax Cable 500 ft.
Davis RF RG-213-500
RG-213 Coax Cable 500 Ft.
Diamond Antenna CP-6AR
75/40/20/15/10/6M Vertical base Antenna; UHF Connector
Isotron 80/40/20/15/10 COMBO
Compact 80/40/20/15/10M Antenna
Kantronics KAM XL
Multi-Mode DSP Controller