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Instruction / Operation

Nifty Guides QR-VX7R
Tri-folded Quick Reference Card
Sticky Pad 13810
Small Sticky Pad
Vanco CBC-8P
8-pin Male Microphone Socket
Yaesu S-8002051
Replacement Bracket for FT2800/2900
Vanco CBM-2C
4-pin Economy CB Microphone for Cobra/Uniden
AIM 26-8016
BNC Female to N Male Adapter
Amphenol 31-002
BNC Male Connector for RG58
Amphenol 83-1R
SO-239 Chassis Mount; Solder Type
Kenwood 8-PIN DIN
8-pin Male Din Plug
NMO Mount Rain Cap; Black
Larsen RG-SS
Super Seal NMO Gaskets for Larsen NMO Antennas
MFJ 20
Mobile Bracket for MFJ-945 Tuner
MFJ 27
Carrying Handle for MFJ CW Radios
MFJ 5803
RG-58 3 ft. Coax Patch Cable PL-259 Connectors
MFJ 7706
NMO Mount to UHF Mount Adapter
MFJ 7707
NMO to 3/8-24 Adapter
MFJ 7725
3/8-24 Quick Disconnect
Powerwerx MBX-Y-CBL
Y-Cable Splitter for Speaker