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Instruction / Operation

Powerwerx PPC-1
Weather Resistant PP End Cap
Alinco EBP-52N
Battery for Alinco DJ-S40T
Alinco ESC-36
Carrying case for Alinco radios using the EBP-48N Battery
Alinco ESC-40
Carrying Case for Alinco DJ-S45T
Heil HD-AT
Headphone Attenuator and 1/4 in. to 1/8 in. Adapter
Icom CS-R5
Windows Programming Software for R-5
Icom CS-V85
Windows Programming Software for IC-V85
Nifty Guides QR-ICT90A
Tri-folded Reference Card
Lands Precision PL-259 UHF06BTSSS
PL-259; Silver Plated with Teflon Insulator
Vanco AC-123
3.5mm Mono Audio Cable
New disc & prep kit for MT-8/MT-9
AIM 27-8140
T Connector; 2 Female BNC to single BNC male
Alpha Delta DELTA-CIN
Wire Antenna End Insulator
Jetstream JT-1111
UHF Double Male Adapter
K40 W40W
White Weather Cap for K40 Mount
Powerwerx P-CLIP-5
PowerPole Retention Clips
Tenergy 40333
AA Alkaline Batteries - 4 Pack
Velleman K/TF
75 Piece Cable-Tie Pack