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Instruction / Operation

Icom MBA-5
Product ID : icomba5
Controller mounting bracket for remote mounting of IC-2730A
Icom MBA-4
Product ID : icomba4
Mounting bracket for attaching the controller to the main unit on IC-2730A
Icom IC-2730A
Product ID : ICOIC2730A
2M/440 Mobile
LDG RT-600 & RC-600 Combo
Product ID : LDGRT/RC600
Remote Tuner and Remote Control Unit; 600W
LDG RT-100 & RC-100 Combo
Product ID : LDGRT/RC100
Remote Tuner and Remote Control Unit
Icom HM-56
Product ID : ZZZ1335
Icom Hand Mic
Yaesu MH-36 B6J
Product ID : ZZZ1334
Yaesu Hand Mic
Yaesu MH-12 A2B
Product ID : ZZZ1333
Yaesu Hand Mic
Yaesu MH-1 B8
Product ID : ZZZ1332
Yaesu Hand Mic
Alinco DTMF Hand Mic for DR-570t
Product ID : ZZZ1331
Alinco Hand Mic
Heathkit 2-pin Vintage Hand Mic
Product ID : ZZZ1329
Heathkit Hand Mic
Yaesu 8-pin 500 Ohm Hand Mic
Product ID : ZZZ1328
Yaesu Hand Mic
Yaesu 8-pin 600 Ohm Hand Mic
Product ID : ZZZ1327
Yaesu Hand Mic
Yaesu 4MH-1 B8
Product ID : ZZZ1326
Yaesu Hand Mic
Kenwood 600 ohm 5-pin Mic
Product ID : ZZZ1325
Kenwood hand mic
Kenwood 8-pin 500 ohm Mic
Product ID : ZZZ1324
Kenwood hand mic
Icom IC HM-10
Product ID : ZZZ1322
Icom hand mic
Kenwood 4-pin dynamic mic 500 ohm
Product ID : ZZZ1320
Kenwood hand mic