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Weather Stations / Clocks

Davis 6152
Wireless Vantage Pro2 Weather Station
Davis 6250
Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station
Davis 0276
Windscribe Ultrasonic Wind Meter
MFJ 121B
Giant LCD Dual Time Atomic Clock
La Crosse WS-9049U-IT-AL
Wireless Forecast Station
Midland XT-511
GMRS/FRS Emergency Crank Base Camp Radio
Velleman MP-25SFM
Hand-held Megaphone with Shoulder Strap
Midland WR-300
AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio with NOAA Weather/All Hazards
La Crosse EA-3010
Handheld Anemometer
La Crosse WS-7014CH
Wireless Forecasting Station
La Crosse WS-7394U-CH-IT
Wireless Forecast Station
La Crosse WS-8117U-IT-OAK
Digital Atomic Wall Clock
La Crosse WT-5220U-IT-CBP
Projection Alarm Clock with IN/OUT Temperature
MFJ 112B
DXer's World Map Clock
Midland WR-120
Alarm Clock with NOAA Weather/All Hazards
Davis 0281
Wind Wizard® Wind Speed Indicator
La Crosse WT-3102S
Analog Atomic Clock
La Crosse WT-8005UB
Atomic Clock