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Scanner Master SFA-800S
800 MHz 2.5db Gain SMA Scanner Antenna
Scanner Master SFA-201S
Wide-band Scanner Antenna. Mag Mount with SMA Male Connector
Scanner Master SFA-201B
Wide-band Scanner Antenna. Mag Mount with BNC Connector
MFJ 1976
10-foot stainless steel telescopic whip. 3/8 X 24 Thread.
Radiowavz Pathfinder Ranger
60' 1.8-54MHz End Fed Antenna High Power Version
Radiowavz Pathfinder MK-1
60' 1.8-54MHz End Fed Antenna
Radio Oasis 75M Dipole
Radio Oasis 40M Dipole
Radio Oasis 20M Dipole
Radio Oasis 10M Dipole
Diamond SRH-779
2M/70cm Telescoping HT Antenna; SMA Connector
Diamond SRH-701
2M/70cm 7.5" Duck Antenna; SMA Male Connector
Diamond SRJF-40A
2M/70cm 16" Flexible Antenna; SMA Female Connector
Diamond A144-S10
2M 10-Element Beam Antenna
Diamond HFV-5
5-Band (40/20/15/10/6) Limited Space Trapped Dipole
Diamond BC-103
VHF Wideband Vertical Antenna; 136-174 MHz
Diamond X-700HNA
2M/70CM Heavy-Duty 24' Vertical Base Antenna; N-Connector
Cushcraft R-9
80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6M 31.5' Vertical Base Antenna
AOR LA-400
10 Khz to 500 MHz Receive Only Magnetic Loop Antenna
Alpha Delta DX-20
20M Full-Size Monoband Antenna, 34 ft. Long
Alpha Delta DX-40
40M Full-Size Monoband Antenna, 67 ft. Long
Alpha Delta DX-80
75/80M Full-Size Monoband Antenna, 134 ft. Long
Alpha Delta DX-A
HF 1/4-Wave Twin Sloper Antenna
Alpha Delta DX-B
HF 1/4-Wave Sloper Antenna
Alpha Delta DX-CC
80-40-20-15-10M, 82 ft. Long Shortened Multi-band Antenna
Alpha Delta DX-DD
80-40M, 82 ft. Long Shortened Multi-band Antenna
Alpha Delta DX-EE
40-20-15-10M plus 30-17-12M using a Wide Range Tuner, 40' Multi-band Antenna
Alpha Delta DX-LB
160-80-40M, 100 ft. Long. Shortened Multi-Band Antenna
Alpha Delta DX-LB PLUS
160-80-40-20-10M, 100 ft. Long. Shortened Multi-Band Antenna
Arrow 146/437-10
LEO Satellite Handheld Antenna
Arrow 146/437-10BP
LEO Satellite Handheld Antenna Split Boom Model
Arrow OSJ-146/440
146/440 MHz Dual Band J-Pole Antenna
Buckmaster OCF
7-Band Off Center-Fed Antenna
Buckmaster OCF-HP
7-Band High Power Off Center-Fed Antenna
Butternut HF-2V
80/40M Vertical Antenna
Butternut HF-6VX
80/40/30/20/15/10M Vertical Antenna
Butternut HF-9VX
80-6M (Except 60M) Vertical Antenna
Butternut SKYHAWK 3X10
20/15/10M Tri-band Yagi Antenna
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Cobra HGA-1000
Magnet Mount CB Antenna
Comet BNC-24
2M/70cm 17" Super Flexible Antenna; BNC Connector
Comet CA-52HB4
4 Element 6M Beam
Comet CA-712EF
440MHz 10.5' Vertical Antenna
Comet CA-F72GF
440-512MHz (tunable) 42" Base Antenna
Comet CH-32
2M/70CM 1.75" Antenna; BNC Connector
Comet CH-75
2m/70cm 15" Rubber Duck Antenna; BNC Connector
Comet CHA-250B
6M through 80M. 23.5' Vertical Antenna. No Radials Required.
Comet CHV-5X
5-Band, 1/2 wave rotatable dipole for 40/20/15/10/6 meters
Comet CX-333
2M/220/440 10.25' Vertical Base Antenna; UHF Connector
Comet CYA-1216E
1.2 GHz 16 Element Beam; N Connector
Comet GP-1
2M/440 4.2' Base Antenna; UHF Connector
Comet GP-15
6/2M/70cm 7'11" Vertical Base Antenna
Comet GP-21
1.2 GHz 8' Vertical Base Antenna; N Connector
Comet GP-24
2.4 GHz 5'10" Vertical Base Antenna; N Connector. (GP24R)
Comet GP-3
2M/70cm 5'11" Vertical Base Antenna