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Radio Cables

Yaesu CT-144
Radio to Radio Cloning Cable for VX8GR
MFJ 5162
Receiver Cable
Powerwerx MBX-RMK
Remote Separation Kit for Powerwerx DB-750X
Wouxun WXCLN
Radio-to-Radio Cloning Cable
Yaesu CT-53
Packet Radio Cable for Select Yaesu Handhelds (See description for model list)
LDG IC-2000
12 in. Yaesu FT-2000(D) Radio Cable
14 in. Icom Radio Cable
Yaesu Interface Cable
Yaesu CT-39
Packet Interface Cable for Select Yaesu Radios (See description for model list)
6 ft. Icom Radio Cable
Alinco EDS-11
Radio to Radio Cloning Cable
Yaesu CT-27
Radio Radio Cloning Cable for Older Yaesu Hts (See description for model list)
Yaesu CT-141
Packet Cable for FTM350 Series; Din8 to Din6
Yaesu CT-M10
20' Separation Cable for Yaesu FTM10R
Green Light Labs SEP-710-6
6" Separation Cable Kit
MFJ 5161
Serial Cable for MFJ-464
Ameritron PNP-DB15-Y
Adapter Cable; Ameritron ARB704 to Yaesu FTDX3000 Series
Kenwood PG-5A
Packet Data Cable for TM-271/D710/V71
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