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Microphones / Headsets

Icom VS-3
Bluetooth pendant earpiece/microphone for ID-5100A
Heil HMM-iC
Hand Mic for Icom radios
Heil HMM
Hand Mic
Heil Bluetooth Adapter (HBA)
Bluetooth Adapter
Heil PR-781G
Proline Dynamic Microphone with Gold Screen
Yaesu BH-2A
Bluetooth Headset
Heil BM-10-IC
Headset Microphone for Icom Series Radios
Heil BM-10-Dynamic
Headset with Dynamic Mic Element
Powerwerx MBX-MIC
Non-TTP Optional Mic for Powerwerx DB-750X
Powerwerx MBX-Desk
Desk Mic for the Powerwerx DB-750X
Yaesu MH-85A11U
Speaker Microphone with Camera for FT1DR&FTM400DR
Yaesu MH-48A6JA
Extra Hand Mic for select Yaesu Radios
Alinco EME-6
Earphone with 3.5mm plug.
Heil AD-1-I
Icom 8-pin Round to Headset Cable
Heil AD-1-IC
Icom 8-pin Round (non-Pro) to Headset Cable
Heil AD-1-ICM
Icom HF Mobile Radio to Headset Cable
Heil AD-1-IM
Icom 8-pin Modular to Headset Cable
Heil AD-1-K
Kenwood 8-pin Round to Headset Cable