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Filters / Add-ons

MFJ 5184
Cable Kit for MFJ-784B
Icom UT-108
DTMF Decoder Unit for IC-V8000/V82/U82/R2500
Yaesu LF-1
13A DC Noise Line Filter with Connectors
Kenwood VS-3
Voice Synthesizer for TS-2000
Yaesu FVS-2
Voice Operating Guide Unit for FTM100/350/400 Series
Yaesu SU-1
Altimeter and Barometer Sensor for VX5/6/7R Series
MFJ 726
Plug-in Audio Filter for MFJ-9020
Communication Specialists TS-64WDS
64 Tone CTCSS Encoder and Decoder
Kenwood VGS-1
Voice Guide and Storage Unit for TS-480/590/TM-D710/V71
Yaesu SMB-201
Desktop Cooling Fan
Yaesu DVS-6
Digital Voice Memory Unit for FT950, FTDX3000D & FTDX1200
Icom CR-338
High Stability Crystal Unit for IC-718
Icom UT-133
Internal Bluetooth Board for ID-5100A
MFJ 1045C
Receiver Preselector
MFJ 751B
Super Tunable SSB/CW Audio Filter
Icom FL-430
6 kHz 1st IF Filter for IC-7410/9100
Icom FL-431
3 kHz 1st IF Filter for IC-7410/9100
Yaesu FH-2
Wired Remote Keypad for most current Yaesu HF Radios (See description)
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