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Maldol HVU-8
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Price: $349.95
Product ID : MALHVU8
Manufacturer: Maldol
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Item Description

8 Band (80/40/20/15/10/6/2/440) Ultra-Compact 8' Base Antenna

Detailed Description

Compact 8-band vertical base station antenna, 80/40/20/15/10/6/2M/70cm
8 bands and only about 8 feet tall!
Each HF band + 6M has it's own tuning stub.  Adjust the SWR to the desired band segment, then use an antenna tuner to TX outside of the 2:1 or less band-width.  2M and 70cm bands are pre-set at the factory and there are no adjustments.
The ground radial system is unique...the radials are screwed into 2 collars.  The collars can be rotated and fixed so all the radials are located to one side of the antenna....allowing it to be side-mounted on a tower, or next to a building wall for stealth operation.

Gain & Wave: 
80-6M:  1/4 wave
146MHz:  1/2 wave  2.15dBi
446MHz:  5/8 wave x 2  5.5dBi
VSWR:  1.5:1 or less
Max Power: 
HF:  200W SSB
6M -70cm 150W FM
Length: 8’ 6" (approx)
Diameter:  8' (max. approx)
Weight: 5 lbs 7 ozs
Connector: SO-259

Product Manual: HVU-8

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by N9WGV
N9WGV bought "Maldol HVU-8" on our website
04/25/2015 - 05:50:07 PM
Great Antenna!!
This is my first purchase of an HF antenna. I do not have alot of room to place this on my property, so this was the best choice at this time. The set-up was a bit difficult but, with the help of an experienced installer and an antenna analyzer, the process went well. It only took 30 minutes to properly tune in and set-up the antenna and another 15 minutes to mount it to the top of my roof. Performance has been nothing short of amazing. The cost of the antenna and the time it took to mount it, made it a good first time purchase. I have made contacts to several countries across Europe and cannot say enough about this small antenna. For a HF antenna I give it a big thumbs up.


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