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Maldol HVU-8
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Price: $349.95
Product ID : MALHVU8
Manufacturer: Maldol
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Item Description

8 Band (80/40/20/15/10/6/2/440) Ultra-Compact 8' Base Antenna

Detailed Description

Compact 8-band vertical base station antenna, 80/40/20/15/10/6/2M/70cm
8 bands and only about 8 feet tall!
Each HF band + 6M has it's own tuning stub.  Adjust the SWR to the desired band segment, then use an antenna tuner to TX outside of the 2:1 or less band-width.  2M and 70cm bands are pre-set at the factory and there are no adjustments.
The ground radial system is unique...the radials are screwed into 2 collars.  The collars can be rotated and fixed so all the radials are located to one side of the antenna....allowing it to be side-mounted on a tower, or next to a building wall for stealth operation.

Gain & Wave: 
80-6M:  1/4 wave
146MHz:  1/2 wave  2.15dBi
446MHz:  5/8 wave x 2  5.5dBi
VSWR:  1.5:1 or less
Max Power: 
HF:  200W SSB
6M -70cm 150W FM
Length: 8’ 6" (approx)
Diameter:  8' (max. approx)
Weight: 5 lbs 7 ozs
Connector: SO-259

Product Manual: HVU-8

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