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Kenwood TS-990S

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Price: $6,499.95
Product ID : KENTS990S
Manufacturer: Kenwood
Milwaukee: In stock
Orlando: In stock
Cleveland: In stock
Las Vegas: In stock
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Item Description

$600 Instant Coupon 200W 160-6M Dual-Receive HF Base Transceiver

Detailed Description

Price shown is after $600 manufacturer instant coupon. Coupon expires 3/31/2016 and valid only within USA.

Kenwood TS990S

Core Specifications
Receive Range: 0.030-60.000 MHz
Transmit Range: 1.8-2.0, 3.5-4.0, 5.1675, 5.25-5.45, 7.0-7.3, 10.1-10.15, 14.0-14.35, 18.068-18.168, 21.0-21.45, 24.89-24.99, 28.0-29.7, 50.0-54.0 MHz
Transmit Power: CW, SSB, FSK, PSK, FM 5-200W; AM 5-50W
Memory Channels: 120 (110 regular, 10 program scan)

Kenwood's Flagship Radio!!
The TS-990S comes equipped with dual receivers for simultaneous reception on different bands, it also features narrow-band roofing filters on the main receiver in a full down-conversion configuration. The TS-990S achieves the highest basic reception performance of any radio in the TS series, through the careful selection of circuits, components and accelerating analysis using triple DSP configuration. Also, thanks to the dual TFT display and superior panel layout, it achieves both comfortable visibility and operability. Our top-of-the-line transceiver is for all radio operators who love HF.

The transceiver uses the down-conversion method on all amateur bands, and features five types of High-IP roofing filter. Narrow bandpass widths selectable are 500 Hz and 270 Hz for CW operation, 2.7 kHz for SSB and 6 kHz and 15 kHz, which are suitable for AM/FM. These filters are automatically selected in tandem with DSP-based settings. Of course, manual switching is possible as well.

The standard equipment includes a TCXO (Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator), which stabilizes frequencies at ±0.1 ppm as the standard signal source. Unlike OCXO (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator), which requires warm-up time, this device can start up quickly even from the power-off position, while maintaining a high level of stability. It is in compliance with European energy-saving standard Lot 6. Power consumption in stand-by energy-saving mode is less than 0.5 W. A BNC connector on the rear panel provides 10 MHz reference I/O.

The sub-receiver utilizes the same receiver found on the popular TS-590S transceiver!!

General Features:
• Down-conversion format for all AMR bands on main RX
• Newly developed mixer contributes to achieve +40dBm IP3
• Narrow-band High-IP roofing filters
• Comes equipped with ±0.1 ppm TCXO which combines high stability with energy savings
• Equipped with dedicated DSP for main receiver, sub-receiver and band scope
• Advanced AGC control, fusing together digital and analog
• Extensive interference elimination & noise reduction functions
• Built-in automatic antenna tuner capable of high-speed operation
• Cooling system
• Dual TFT displays
• USB Firmware Updates
• Data mode supported by external I/O switching
• Transmit and receive DSP equalizers
• 2 USB Ports on front panel
• Voice guidance / Recording function
• Remote control the TS-990S from your PC

Download Brochure: TS-990S

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Mike
03/20/2014 - 02:20:48 PM
Opinion after first year of ownership: worth every penny, and worth every hour learning to use it.

Mike, W6YQ
Licensed 1953

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