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Ameritron AL-811

Ameritron AL-811
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Price: $799.95
Product ID : AMRAL811
Manufacturer: Ameritron
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Item Description

600W PEP HF Linear Amplifier

Detailed Description

The first 600 Watts make the difference! GAIN nearly TWO full S-units over your barefoot rig; enough to help compete with the "Big Guns". Tubes: (3) 811-A's (5-second warm-up); Plate Voltage & Current: 1500V DC, 550 mA.; Drive: 60W (typical for full output); Power Output: 600W PEP/SSB, 400W CW, 300W RTTY/SSTV/FM (1/2-hour, continuous); AC Input: 120V AC @ 8 Amps; Power Supply: 17 lb. high silicone steel core transformer and computer grade capacitors. User selectable for 100/110/120/220/230/240V AC operation. Dual Illuminated Meters: HV, Grid & Plate Current; Dim: 13.75"w x 8.25"h x 15.5"d; 32 lbs

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
05/13/2014 - 12:05:38 AM
The Jack Knife of Linears
The fellow above says "They could have put better tubes in it". Not in my amp! The Chinese 811s are NOW about twice as good than when I bought an 811 back in 1998. Yet, my venerable 811 worked great because AES did their Q/A testing and balancing. The 811's were FLAWLESS. The MFJ Roller tuner -had a kink..but MFJ builds 'em to repair. I gerry-rigged a bit more tension on the roller and -happiness! (keep those roller's clean!) And then AES sold me three 572Bs for about 65 bucks a pop -equally well matched, with plates like cinder blocks. I got almost 800 PEP SSB with a simply a Yaesu 840 -no problems. At that time, the 811 was delivering 1700 VDC -cool! I worked every continent including CUBA (difficult for other reasons), but Africa -no dice. You see, in a 5 story, 1930s Manhattan walk up, I had to be covert, use an artificial ground and an MFJ 17 foot dipole with capacitive spokes...I had two 100+ story 'scapers to act as my rear directors. I could boom into Tasmania 5 and 9 like a b-cast station. We did a QRP test. I was still 5 and 9 at 2.7 watts. I regularly QST'd with a Convent in SIBERIA! They generated their own power with a bicycle and lead acid cell set-up. They had no other power nor means of communication. I checked in on them as often as possible. I miss them greatly. They were wonderful ladies and SMART as a whip.

And when the WTC disaster happened; when I saw that plane in the side of the Tower 1, -I got my arse right back on the 5 train uptown before they could shut them down. I stopped at my 45th street office -got more phone numbers of families outside Manhattan (no phone service out side of Manhattan). The subways were then shut down (had to walk to 77th Street with several MILLION people! It was like a parade you cannot imagine. And, people missing -friends, etc. By 1:45PM, I was on the air. I did not know what else to do.

We needed blood supplies (so we erroneously THOUGHT). I lived on 77ths street near the 68th street blood bank -Upper East Side. I could ran back and forth. By 3:30 PM I had all the rare blood types we needed in a military transport on the way -no forms, now muss, no fuss. People are wonderful when it counts -AND THIS WAS SIMPLY an 811 with 572 tubes -no other MODS! Well tuned and kept clean. On that day, I had not transmitted for 6 months. I did not know what would happen. I got 1.3:1 SWR at full power. I boomed first into Chicago and they thought I was WBBM! :)

Just make sure to spray and vacuum, dust from the back plane area every few weeks. And tune those input coils! Clean the relays -they come apart. Canned air and De-oxit.

The Ameritron 811 is THE transmitter for the working guy. During the WTC crisis, it performed so well, I could not understand it as I had not even tested for 6 months!

The secret of my great audio? I bought a new Astatic 10-DA with the great stand and preamp -nothing else! THe processing HURT! No processing is best. Just know where your 100% modulation rides. Do tests with other HAMs. Somehow I was getting better sound quality reviews than the AM cats with the massive 1950s Victor B-cast gear and the classic 44 ribbon mikes. Go figure. A simple Astatic and an 811 THREE tube special for $699 (1998). The Astatic 10-DA I purchased from AES turned out to be the last run. I will NEVER sell that mike! They also work great for blues harmonica in an old tweed amp!

I could go on. The sunspot cycle in the late 1990s was special. I was THE only high power HAM in Manhattan (since the 1940s or 50s, I think). Alas, health problems have silenced my key, but I shall NEVER forget that 811. MFJ is THE greatest American electronics company on the planet. If only they made Hi-Fi gear in those ugly GREAT chassis! ALL MFJ gear has a purpose and is well thought out. Even the failures have success in them.

I cannot say enough good things about MFJ and their other companies. -MADE IN USA!!!

So buy this CLASSIC gear and be prepared to LEARN about radio. If you are young and on a budget, this is what you want. New or used, it is hard to beat or smoke! 811 tubes will take 2:1 SWR for 30 minutes and not miss a beat. Come on, this is classic gear!

As for the WTC...â
Reviewed by w3jkc121
01/26/2014 - 01:55:11 PM
Not bad but.
This amp is a good deal for the money" but " they could have put better tubes in it.

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