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Ham Radios

Yaesu FT-252
Product ID : YAEFT252
2M 5W Handheld
Kenwood TS-990S
Product ID : KENTS990S
Free SP990 with Purchase 200W...
Icom ID-51A
Product ID : ICOID51A
$50 Instant Coupon Dual-Band...
Icom ID-1
Product ID : ICOID1
$25 Instant Coupon FM & D-Star...
Icom ID-RP2000V
Product ID : ICOIDRP2000V
D-Star 2M Voice Module **Special Order**
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Icom ID-RP2C
Product ID : ICOIDRP2C
D-Star Repeater Controller **Special Order**
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Icom ID-RP2D
Product ID : ICOIDRP2D
D-Star 1.2 GHz Data Module **Special Order**
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Icom ID-RP2V
Product ID : ICOIDRP2V
D-Star 1.2 GHz Voice Module **Special Order**
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Icom ID-RP4000V
Product ID : ICOIDRP4000V
D-Star 440 MHz Voice Module **Special Order**
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Alinco DJ-175T
Product ID : ALIDJ175T
2M FM Handheld
Alinco DJ-G7T
Product ID : ALIDJG7T
2M/440MHz/1.2GHz FM Handheld
Alinco DJ-V17T
Product ID : ALIDJV17T
2M FM Handheld
Alinco DJ-V27T
Product ID : ALIDJV27T
220MHz FM Handheld
Alinco DJ-V57T
Product ID : ALIDJV57T
2M/440MHz FM Dual Band HT
Alinco DR-03T
Product ID : ALIDR03T
10M FM Transceiver
Alinco DR-06T
Product ID : ALIDR06T
6M FM Transceiver
Alinco DR-135TMKIII
2M FM Mobile Transceiver
Alinco DR-135TPMKIII
2M FM Mobile Transceiver with TNC