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Speakers / DSP

Inline Adaptive, Amplified DSP Unit
Icom SP-23
Speaker w/Audio Filters
MFJ 1026
Noise Canceling Filter
Yaesu SP-8
External Speaker with Audio Filters; Matches FT1000MKV/MKVFIELD
Timewave ANC-4
Antenna Noise Canceler and Diversity Combiner
West Mountain CLR/DSP
ClearSpeech® DSP Noise Reduction
West Mountain CLR/SPKR
DSP Noise Reduction Speaker
Gap Hearit Inline Module
Inline Active DSP Module
Yaesu SP-2000
External Speaker with Audio Filters; Matches FT2000/D
MFJ 784B
Tunable DSP Audio Filter
Kenwood SP-990
External Speaker for Kenwood TS990S
Icom SP-34
Base Station Speaker w/Audio Filters
Yaesu SP-9000
Dual Speakers with Audio Filters; Matches FTDX9000 Series
Timewave DSP-599ZX
DSP Noise Filter