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Speaker Mics

Yaesu SSM-63A
Product ID : YAESSM63A
Vox Headset
Yaesu SSM-57
Product ID : YAESSM57
Earpiece/Microphone for non-threaded single pin Yaesu handhelds
Yaesu SSM-55A
Product ID : YAESSM55A
Earpiece/Mic for threaded single-pin Yaesu Radios
Alinco EMS-76
Product ID : ALIEMS76
Speaker/Mic for Alinco DJ-500T
Wouxun WX-RSM
Heavy Duty Remote Speaker Microphone for Wouxun Radios
Alinco EMS-59
Product ID : ALIEMS59
Alinco EMS-59 Speaker / Mic
Alinco EDS-10
Product ID : ALIEDS10
Single pin to Dual Pin Mic Interface Cable
Alinco EME-12
Product ID : ALIEME12
Headset with PTT/VOX for Alinco radios.
Alinco EME-15
Product ID : ALIEME15
Earphone with tie-pin mic (PTT/VOX) for Alinco radios.
Alinco EME-24
Product ID : ALIEME24
Earphone with tie-pin mic for Alinco DJ-C4T/C5T/C7T.
Alinco EMS-62
Product ID : ALIEMS62
Speaker/Mic for Alinco DJ-G7T/29T
Icom HM-131
Product ID : ICOHM131
Speaker Microphone for IC-T70/80AD/91A/92AD
Icom HM-158L
Product ID : ICOHM158L
Speaker Microphone for IC-V80/V82/U82
Icom HM-174
Product ID : ICOHM174
Waterproof Speaker Microphone for IC-92AD
Icom HM-186LS
Product ID : ICOHM186LS
Compact Speaker Microphone
Icom HM-189GPS
Product ID : ICOHM189GPS
GPS Speaker Microphone for IC-80AD
Icom HM-46L
Product ID : ICOHM46L
Slimline Speaker Microphone with Right Angle Connector
Icom HM-75A
Product ID : ICOHM75A
Remote Control Speaker Microphone for IC-V82/80AD/91A/92AD
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