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Radio Cables

Icom OPC-474
Product ID : ICOOPC474
Radio to Radio Cloning Cable for Icom Radios
Icom OPC-478
Product ID : ICOOPC478
RS-232 PC Programming Cable for Icom Radios
Icom OPC-478U
Product ID : ICOOPC478U
USB PC Programming Cable for Icom Radios
Icom OPC-589
Product ID : ICOOPC589
Microphone Adapter Cable for Connecting 8-pin Microphone to Modular Plug
Icom OPC-599
Product ID : ICOOPC599
PW-1 Amplifier Adapter Cable for IC-7000/718/7200/7410/9100
Icom OPC-742
Product ID : ICOOPC742
AT-180 and Amplifier Adapter Cable for IC-7000
Icom RC-28
Product ID : ICORC28
Remote Control USB Encoder for IC-7100/7410/7600/7700/7800/9100
Kenwood KPG-46U
Product ID : KENKPG46U
USB Programming Cable for TM-271/281
Kenwood MJ-88
Product ID : KENMJ88
Modular to 8-pin Mic Adapter
Kenwood PG-4Y
Product ID : KENPG4Y
Serial Programming Cable for TH-G71/F6/K2
Kenwood PG-4Z
Product ID : KENPG4Z
Panel Extension Cable Kit for TS-480
Kenwood PG-5A
Product ID : KENPG5A
Packet Data Cable for TM-271/D710/V71
Kenwood PG-5D
Product ID : KENPG5D
Serial Programming Cable for TM-271A
Kenwood PG-5F
Product ID : KENPG5F
Panel Extension Cable Kit for TM-D710/V71
Kenwood PG-5G
Product ID : KENPG5G
Serial Programming Cable for TM-D710/V71
Kenwood PG-5H
Product ID : KENPG5H
PC Interface Cable for TM-D710/V71
Kenwood PG-5J
Product ID : KENPG5J
Radio Interface for RC-D710
LDG IC-2000
Product ID : LDGIC2000
12 in. Yaesu FT-2000(D) Radio Cable