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Radio Cables

Kenwood MJ-88
Modular to 8-pin Mic Adapter
Kenwood PG-4Y
Serial Programming Cable for TH-G71/F6/K2
Yaesu CT-133
20' Extension Cable for remotely mounting the FGPS2 to FTM350 Series...
Yaesu CT-62
CAT interface cable for select Yaesu Radios (see description for model list)
Icom OPC-1529R
Data Communications Cable
Icom OPC-1797
Microphone / Speaker Plug Adapter for IC-92AD
Icom OPC-441
Speaker Extension Cable for IC-2300/V8000/2820H/ID-880H/ID-1
Icom OPC-589
Microphone Adapter Cable for Connecting 8-pin Microphone to Modular Plug
Kenwood PG-5G
Serial Programming Cable for TM-D710/V71
Yaesu CT-119
Firmware Upgrade Cable for FT2000 and FT2000D
Yaesu CT-134
Radio to Radio Cloning Cable for VX8R and VX8DR
Yaesu SCU-21
Interface Cable for SCU-17
Yaesu YSK-7800
Extra Remote Mounting Kit for FT7800/7900
Icom OPC-1443
Remote Control Head Separation Cable for IC-7000
USB Interface cable for AT1000PROII & AT600PROII
Yaesu CT-136
External Mounting Unit for Yaesu GPS2
Yaesu CT-162
20' Separation Cable for FTM-400DR
Yaesu CT-165
Data Cable for FTM-400DR