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Power Cables

Diamond Antenna PC-3
10' Fused Power cable for most FM Mobile Radios
Yaesu T-90258251
DC Cord for FT2900R
Alinco EDC-37
Unfiltered DC Cord with Right Angle Plug
MFJ 5510C
Cigarette Lighter Adapter Plug
Wouxun WXCAR
Car Charger Cable
Yaesu EDC-6
DC Cord for Most Yaesu Handhelds (See description for list) and FT817 Series
Vanco P-212B
2-Outlet Cigarette Plug Adapter
Vanco P-212
2-Outlet Cigarette Plug Adapter
Velleman K/TF
75 Piece Cable-Tie Pack
Cable X-Perts AZ-12
12GA DC Zip Cord Per Foot