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Power Cables

Kenwood PG-2Z
6-pin DC Power Cable for TS-2000/570
Kenwood PG-3J
Cigarette Power Adapter with Filter for TH-F6/D72/K2
Powerwerx RB-12-50
50FT 12 Gauge Zip Cord
Kenwood PG-20
4-pin DC Power Cable for TS-480/590
Yaesu EDC-21
Cigarette Lighter Adapter Cable for VX2R & VX3R
Icom CP-19R
Cigarette Lighter Power Cable
Icom OPC-1457
DC Power Cable for IC-7000/7200/7410/7600/9100
Powerwerx RB-08-25
25FT 8 Gauge Zip Cord
Icom OPC-347
Extra Long DC Power Cable for Icom Mobiles with OEM-T Power Connector
Cable X-Perts AZ-12 100
12GA DC Zip Cord 100 Feet