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Power Cables

Kenwood PG-2N
OEM-T DC Power Cable for Kenwood Mobiles
Kenwood PG-2W
DC Power Cable for TH-D7/D72/F6
Yaesu T-9018320
DC Cord for FT840/847/MKVField
Yaesu T-9023725
DC Cord for Yaesu HF radios using 4 pin style
Uniden BADG0687001
Cigarette DC Power Cord for Uniden Handheld Scanners
Alinco EDC-36
Filtered Cigarette Lighter Adapter with Right Angle Plug
Icom OPC-515L
Right Angle DC Cable for BC-119N/191/192/193 Chargers
Powerwerx RB-12-25
25FT 12 Gauge Zip Cord
Yaesu T-9023225
DC Cord for FT857 Series and FT897 Series
Icom CP-17L
Cigarette Lighter Power Cable for use with charger on IC-V80
Kenwood PG-3B
In-Line DC Noise Filter for Kenwood FM Radios
Yaesu SDD-13
Cigarette Lighter Cable with Filter for Most Yaesu Handhelds (See description)
Powerwerx RB-10-25
25FT 10 Gauge Zip Cord
Icom CP-12L
Cigarette Lighter Power Cable
Icom CP-18A
Cigarette Lighter Power Cable for R-6/20/RX-7
Icom OPC-025D
DC Power Cable for IC-706/718/746/756
Icom OPC-1132
DC Power Cable for Icom Mobiles with OEM-T Power Connector
Kenwood PG-2Y
6-pin DC Power Cable for TS-2000/570