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Ham Radio Accessories

MFJ 288I
Icom Deluxe Headset/Microphone
MFJ 288K
Kenwood Deluxe Headset/Microphone
MFJ 288Y
Older Yaesu Deluxe Headset/Microphone
MFJ 297
Desk Microphone with Flexible Boom
MFJ 392B
MFJ 401D
Econo Keyer
MFJ 407D
Deluxe Electronic Keyer
MFJ 412
Plug-In Curtis Keyer for MFJ 90 Series Transceivers
MFJ 415B
CW Adapter, for MFJ-9420/9440 SSB Transceiver
MFJ 416
Plug-In CW Adapter for MFJ SSB Rigs
MFJ 418
Pocket-Size Morse Code Tutor with LCD Display
MFJ 422D
Keyer-Paddle Combo
Keyer Only
MFJ 434B
Contest Voice Keyer
MFJ 447
SlimLine Deluxe Keyer
MFJ 451
CW Keyboard Keyer
MFJ 452
Super CW Keyboard
MFJ 452X
Super CW Keyboard (without Keyboard)
MFJ 461
Morse Code Reader
MFJ 462B
Digital Mode MultiReader
MFJ 464
CW Reader With Built-In Keyer
MFJ 490
Menu Driven Memory Keyer and Bencher Paddle Combo
MFJ 490X
Menu/Memory Keyer Only
MFJ 492
Menu Driven Memory Keyer
MFJ 495
Millennium CW Keyer
MFJ 5024YV
KAM/KPC3 VHF TNC to Icom / Yaesu Handheld Radio
MFJ 5060YV
KAM/KPC3 VHF TNC to Yaesu 6-pin DIN
MFJ 5065YH
KAM/KPC3 HF TNC to Icom 13-pin DIN
MFJ 5080YV
KAM/KPC3 VHF TNC to Yaesu 8-pin Round Mic
MFJ 5082
Open End 8-pin Round Mic Cable
KAM/KPC3 VHF TNC to Icom 8-pin Modular Mic
KAM/KPC3 VHF TNC to Kenwood 8-pin Modular Mic
MFJ 5086YV
KAM/KPC3 VHF TNC to Kenwood 8-pin Round Mic
MFJ 5166
Universal Keyer Cable
MFJ 5184
Cable Kit for MFJ-784B
MFJ 5397I
Icom 8-pin Round Mic Cable for MFJ-297
MFJ 5397K
Kenwood 8-pin Round Mic Cable for MFJ-297
MFJ 5397MX
8-pin Modular Cable for MFJ-297
MFJ 5397MY
Yaesu 8-pin Modular Cable for MFJ-297
MFJ 5397Y
Yaesu 8-pin Round Cable for MFJ-296
MFJ 5429
RS-232 Serial to USB Adapter
MFJ 550
Simple Hand Key
MFJ 554
Code Practice Oscillator
MFJ 557
Code Oscillator with Key
MFJ 564
Chrome Iambic Dual Paddle
MFJ 564B
Black Iambic Dual Paddle
MFJ 616
Speech Intelligibility Enhancer
MFJ 662
Simplex Pocket Repeater
MFJ 726
Plug-in Audio Filter for MFJ-9020
MFJ 73
Remote Control Head for MFJ-434/B
MFJ 751B
Super Tunable SSB/CW Audio Filter
MFJ 890
DX Beacon Monitor
Nifty Guides HT STAND
HT Radio Desk Stand
Powerwerx RB-12-50
50FT 12 Gauge Zip Cord