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Ham Radio Accessories

Signalink SL-MOD-5PD
Jumper Module for Signalink Units - 5 Pin Din Accessory Port
Signalink SL-MOD-6PM
Jumper Module for Signalink Units - 6 Pin mini-Din Data Port
Signalink SL-MOD-8PD
Jumper Module for Signalink Units - Icom 8 Pin Din Accessory Port
Icom AD-94-11
Adapter Cup for BC-119N01 Desktop Charger
Yaesu CT-141
Packet Cable for FTM350 Series; Din8 to Din6
MFJ 20
Mobile Bracket for MFJ-945 Tuner
MFJ 27
Carrying Handle for MFJ CW Radios
Powerwerx MBX-Y-CBL
Y-Cable Splitter for Speaker
Icom SP-13
Sticky Pad 13810
Small Sticky Pad
Yaesu S-8002051
Replacement Bracket for FT2800/2900
Bongo Ties A5-01
Cable Ties; 10 pack
Alinco EME-20
Earphone with tie-pin mic for Alinco radios.
Kenwood SC-54
**TLC for your HT** Soft Carrying Case for TH-K2AT
Yaesu CAB-1
Charging Sleeve for Yaesu BH Series Headsets and FPR1
Yaesu FPR-1
**Handy little gadget!** Remote UHF Transmission Monitor Unit
New disc & prep kit for MT-10/MT-12
**Great Deal!** Holder for flip-phone or Yaesu VX-3R