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Ham Radio Accessories

Heil PR-40
Wide Range/Large Diameter Studio Microphone
Astron VS-50M
Power Supply with Adjustable 2-15V Output and Volt and Amp Meters
Icom RS-RP2G2
Gateway Software for D-Star G2 Repeater Controller **Special Order**
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Icom SP-34
Base Station Speaker w/Audio Filters
Kenwood RC-2000
Mobile Remote Control Head for TS-2000
Astron RS-70A
Simple Power Supply
Diamond Antenna GZV-6000
Switching Mode DC Power Supply with Built-in Speaker
Vibroplex 165
Deluxe Straight Key/Iambic Double Key
Yaesu SM-5000
Station Monitor for FTDX5000
Yaesu SP-9000
Dual Speakers with Audio Filters; Matches FTDX9000 Series
Timewave Navigator
Sound Card Modem
Astron RM-50M
Rack Mount Power Supply with Volt and Amp Meters
Daiwa SS-505
Regulated, Variable Switching Power Supply
Icom PS-125
Base Station Switching Power Supply **Special Order**
Kantronics KPC-9612 PLUS
Multi-Mode Data Controller
Timewave DSP-599ZX
DSP Noise Filter
Yaesu MD-200A8X
Deluxe Desk Mic for 8 pin/Modular Yaesu HF Radios
Astron RS-70M
Power Supply with Volt and Amp Meters