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Ham Radio Accessories

Wouxun WXGHK
G-Hook Lapel Microphone
Bluetooth Kit for FTM-10R includes BH1, BU1 & CAB1
Yaesu BTK-5
Product ID : YAEBTK5
Bluetooth Kit for FTM-35R/AR and VX8DR; includes BH2A, BU1, NC85B & CD40
Yaesu BU-2
Product ID : YAEBU2
Bluetooth Adapter Board
Yaesu CT-131
Product ID : YAECT131
Convert Yaesu Single Pin Connection to New Yaesu Waterproof Speaker/Mic...
Yaesu CT-44
Product ID : YAECT44
2 pin speaker/mic to non-threaded Yaesu single pin Speaker/Mic Adapter
Yaesu CT-91
Product ID : YAECT91
Dual Pin to single pin threaded Yaesu connector.
Yaesu DMU-9000
Product ID : YAEDMU9000
Data Management Unit For FTDX9000CONT
Yaesu DVS-6
Product ID : YAEDVS6
Digital Voice Memory Unit for FT950, FTDX3000D & FTDX1200
Yaesu EDC-20
Product ID : YAEEDC20
DC Power Cord for HF Radios using 6 Pin Connector
Yaesu EDC-21
Product ID : YAEEDC21
Cigarette Lighter Adapter Cable for VX2R & VX3R
Yaesu EDC-6
Product ID : YAEEDC6
DC Cord for Most Yaesu Handhelds (See description for list) and FT817 Series
Yaesu FGPS-1
Product ID : YAEFGPS1
Internal GPS for FTM350 Series
Yaesu FGPS-2
Product ID : YAEFGPS2
External GPS for FTM350 Series, VX8R and VX8DR
Yaesu FH-2
Product ID : YAEFH2
Wired Remote Keypad for most current Yaesu HF Radios (See description)
Yaesu FVS-2
Product ID : YAEFVS2
Voice Operating Guide Unit for FTM350/400 Series
Yaesu HRI-100
Product ID : YAEHRI100
Amateur Radio Internet Linking Kit
Yaesu LF-1
Product ID : YAELF1
13A DC Noise Line Filter with Connectors