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Ham Radio Accessories

Signalink SL-USB-8PD
SignaLink USB 8-pin DIN
Signalink SL-USB-8R
SignaLink USB 8-pin Round Mic Connector
Sticky Pad 13810
Product ID : STI13810
Small Sticky Pad
Sticky Pad 13820
Product ID : STI13820
Large Sticky Pad
Timewave PK-232/PSK
Product ID : TIMPK232/PSK
Multimode Data Controller with Serial Port
Timewave PK-232/USB
Product ID : TIMPK232/USB
**Just 1 unit left!** Multimode Data Controller with USB Port
Timewave PK-96/100/USB
Product ID : TIMPK96/100/USB
9600/1200 Packet TNC with USB Port
Timewave PK-96/100K
Product ID : TIMPK96/100K
9600/1200 Packet TNC with Serial Port
Uniden BADG0687001
Product ID : UNIBADG0687001
Cigarette DC Power Cord for Uniden Handheld Scanners
Unified Microsystems KC-4
Product ID : UNMKC4
CW Cable set for XT-4 & VK-64
Unified Microsystems VK-64
Product ID : UNMVK64
Combination CW/Voice Keyer
Unified Microsystems VKC-8
Product ID : UNMVKC8
Shielded Audio Cable
Unified Microsystems XT-4
Product ID : UNMXT4
CW Memory Keyer
Vanco P-212
Product ID : VCOP212
2-Outlet Cigarette Plug Adapter
Vanco P-212B
Product ID : VCOP212B
2-Outlet Cigarette Plug Adapter
Velleman K/TF
Product ID : VELK/TF
75 Piece Cable-Tie Pack
Vibroplex 100
Product ID : VIB100
Original Bug Presentation Key
Vibroplex 105
Product ID : VIB105
Original Bug Deluxe Key