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Ham Radio Accessories

Kenwood KNB-65L
Li-Ion Battery, 1520 mAh for TH-K20A
Kenwood PG-20
4-pin DC Power Cable for TS-480/590
MFJ 1112
Simple DC Power Strip
Powerwerx MBX-Desk
Desk Mic for the Powerwerx DB-750X
Yaesu EDC-21
Cigarette Lighter Adapter Cable for VX2R & VX3R
Yaesu SU-1
Altimeter and Barometer Sensor for VX5/6/7R Series
Alinco EMS-76
Speaker/Mic for Alinco DJ-500T
Alinco ERW-4
DB9 Computer Cable
Comet CAA-5SC
Carrying Case for Comet CAA-500 & CAA-500 mk II SWR Analyzer
Icom BP-264
Ni-MH Battery Pack for IC-V80/T70
Icom HM-131
Speaker Microphone for IC-T70/80AD/91A/92AD
Powerwerx RB-12-50
50FT 12 Gauge Zip Cord
Alinco EBP-71
Battery for Alinco DJ-175T
Ameco OCM-2W
Code Practice Oscillator and Morse Code Monitor - Wired
Heil CC-1-I
Icom 8-pin Round to Microphone Cable
Heil CC-1-IM
Icom 8-pin Modular to Microphone Cable
Heil CC-1-K
Kenwood 8-pin Round to Microphone Cable
Heil CC-1-KM
Kenwood 8-pin Modular to Microphone Cable