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Ham Radio Accessories

MFJ 1275M
Product ID : MFJ1275M
Sound Card Interface RJ-45 Modular Mic
MFJ 1279
Product ID : MFJ1279
Super Sound Card Interface 8-pin Round Mic
MFJ 1279M
Product ID : MFJ1279M
Super Sound Card Interface RJ-45 Modular Mic
MFJ 20
Product ID : MFJ20
Mobile Bracket for MFJ-945 Tuner
MFJ 288I
Product ID : MFJ288I
Icom Deluxe Headset/Microphone
MFJ 288K
Product ID : MFJ288K
Kenwood Deluxe Headset/Microphone
MFJ 288Y
Product ID : MFJ288Y
Older Yaesu Deluxe Headset/Microphone
MFJ 297
Product ID : MFJ297
Desk Microphone with Flexible Boom
MFJ 392B
Product ID : MFJ392B
MFJ 401D
Product ID : MFJ401D
Econo Keyer
MFJ 407D
Product ID : MFJ407D
Deluxe Electronic Keyer
MFJ 412
Product ID : MFJ412
Plug-In Curtis Keyer for MFJ 90 Series Transceivers
MFJ 415B
Product ID : MFJ415B
CW Adapter, for MFJ-9420/9440 SSB Transceiver
MFJ 416
Product ID : MFJ416
Plug-In CW Adapter for MFJ SSB Rigs
MFJ 418
Product ID : MFJ418
Pocket-Size Morse Code Tutor with LCD Display
MFJ 422D
Product ID : MFJ422D
Keyer-Paddle Combo
Product ID : MFJ422DX
Keyer Only
MFJ 434B
Product ID : MFJ434B
Contest Voice Keyer