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Ham Radio Accessories

Kenwood MC-90
DSP Compatible Desk Microphone
Kenwood RC-2000
Mobile Remote Control Head for TS-2000
Kenwood RC-D710
APRS TNC Upgrade
Kenwood SO-3
TCXO Hi-Stability Crystal Controlled Oscillator for TS-480/590
Kenwood VGS-1
Voice Guide and Storage Unit for TS-480/590/TM-D710/V71
Kenwood VS-3
Voice Synthesizer for TS-2000
Kenwood YF-107C
500 Hz CW Filter for TS-480
Kenwood YF-107CN
270 Hz CW Filter for TS-480
Kenwood YF-107SN
1.8 kHz SSB Filter for TS-480
Koss QZ/5
Noise Canceling Stereophones
Koss QZ/99
Passive Noise Reduction Stereophone with Mono/Stereo Switch
Koss Y-88
3.5mm Y-Cord
MFJ 1040C
All-Band Preselector
MFJ 1045C
Receiver Preselector
MFJ 1046
Passive Preselector
MFJ 1263
Microphone Control Center
MFJ 1273B
Basic Sound Card Interface 8-pin Round Mic
MFJ 1273BM
Basic Sound Card Interface RJ-45 Modular Mic