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Ham Radio Accessories

Icom CT-17
Product ID : ICOCT17
CI-V Level Converter
Icom FL-100
Product ID : ICOFL100
**Works w/some Icom HF!(check your manual)** 9 MHz 500 Hz Filter for R-75
Icom FL-222
Product ID : ICOFL222
455 kHz 1.8 kHz Filter for IC-718/R-75
Icom FL-223
Product ID : ICOFL223
9 MHz 1.9 kHz Filter for R-75
Icom FL-430
Product ID : ICOFL430
6 kHz 1st IF Filter for IC-7410/9100
Icom FL-431
Product ID : ICOFL431
3 kHz 1st IF Filter for IC-7410/9100
Icom FL-52A
Product ID : ICOFL52A
455 kHz 500 Hz Filter for IC-718/R-75
Icom HM-133V
Product ID : ICOHM133V
DTMF Hand Microphone for the IC-V8000/2200H/2300H
Icom HM-154
Product ID : ICOHM154
Simple Hand Microphone for Icom Mobiles
Icom HM-154T
Product ID : ICOHM154T
DTMF Hand Microphone/RJ45 plug for IC-703/706/7000/7100/2820H/ID-1
Icom HM-36
Product ID : ICOHM36
Replacement Hand Microphone for Icom Radios with 8-pin Round Connector
Icom HS-85
Product ID : ICOHS85
Headset with Vox/PTT for IC-V82/U82/80AD/91A/92AD
Icom HS-94
Product ID : ICOHS94
Behind-the-Head Headset
Icom MB-105
Product ID : ICOMB105
Control Head Mounting Bracket for IC-7000
Icom MB-106
Product ID : ICOMB106
Carrying Handle for IC-7000
Icom MB-116
Product ID : ICOMB116
Handles for IC-7200
Icom MB-117
Product ID : ICOMB117
Carrying Handle for IC-7200
Icom MB-118
Product ID : ICOMB118
Mobile Mounting Bracket for IC-7200