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Ham Radio Accessories

Kenwood PG-3J
Cigarette Power Adapter with Filter for TH-F6/D72/K2
Kenwood PG-4Y
Serial Programming Cable for TH-G71/F6/K2
Kenwood PG-4Z
Panel Extension Cable Kit for TS-480
Kenwood PG-5A
Packet Data Cable for TM-271/D710/V71
Kenwood PG-5D
Serial Programming Cable for TM-271A
Kenwood PG-5F
Panel Extension Cable Kit for TM-D710/V71
Kenwood PG-5G
Serial Programming Cable for TM-D710/V71
Kenwood PG-5H
PC Interface Cable for TM-D710/V71
Kenwood PG-5J
Radio Interface for RC-D710
Kenwood PS-60
Heavy Duty 22.5A Power Supply for Kenwood HF & Mobile Radios
LDG IC-2000
12 in. Yaesu FT-2000(D) Radio Cable
14 in. Icom Radio Cable
6 ft. Icom Radio Cable
MFJ 1112
Simple DC Power Strip
MFJ 1116
Multiple DC Power Strip
MFJ 1117
Simple DC Power Strip
MFJ 1118
Deluxe Multiple DC Power Strip
MFJ 1312D
AC Adapter
MFJ 1316
AC Adapter 12VDC 1.5A 2.1MM Plug
MFJ 4035MV
Super Heavy Duty Conventional Power Supply
MFJ 4103
Compact FT-817/QRP Power Supply
MFJ 4110
Compact AC Power supply
MFJ 4115
Compact Power Supply
MFJ 4125
25A Switching Power Supply
MFJ 4125P
25A Switching Power Supply with PowerPoles
MFJ 4225MV
25A Adjustable Voltage Switching Power Supply
MFJ 4245MV
45A Adjustable Voltage Switching Power Supply
MFJ 4275MV
75 Amp Switching Power Supply
MFJ 5161
Serial Cable for MFJ-464
MFJ 5162
Receiver Cable
MFJ 5510C
Cigarette Lighter Adapter Plug
MFJ 5513M
Acc power cable, 2.1mm DC plug to PowerPoles, 3ft long.
MFJ 624E
Phone Patch with VU Meter 8-pin Round or Modular
Powerwerx BY-T
OEM-T Plug PowerPole Tap
Powerwerx CIG-BUDDY
Cigarette Lighter Plug to PP Adapter
Powerwerx CLIP-2-PP
Alligator Clips to PowerPole Cable