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Ham Radio Accessories

Alinco EJ-47U
Product ID : ALIEJ47U
Digital Voice Board
Alinco EJ-50U
Product ID : ALIEJ50U
TNC Add-on board for select Alinco Mobiles.
Alinco EME-6
Product ID : ALIEME6
Earphone with 3.5mm plug.
Alinco ESC-40
Product ID : ALIESC40
Carrying Case for Alinco DJ-S45T
Alinco ESC-41
Product ID : ALIESC41
Carrying Case for Alinco DJ-V17T/27T/47T/57T
Alinco ESC-49
Product ID : ALIESC49
Carrying Case for Alinco DJ-175T
Alinco HK-130
Product ID : ALIHK130
Hardware kit for Alinco MB130 Mounting Bracket
Alinco MB-130
Product ID : ALIMB130
Mounting Bracket for Alinco Mobiles
Alinco PC-15B
Product ID : ALIPC15B
DC Power Cable for all Alinco VHF/UHF Mobiles
Ameco K-1
Product ID : AMEK1
Low-cost General Purpose Key
Ameco OCM-2K
Product ID : AMEOCM2K
Code Practice Oscillator and Morse Code Monitor - Kit
Ameco OCM-2W
Product ID : AMEOCM2W
Code Practice Oscillator and Morse Code Monitor - Wired
Bencher 170-82
Product ID : BEN17082
Precision Dual Paddle Iambic Key with Heavy Base; Special Order
Bencher BY-1
Product ID : BENBY1
Iambic Key Black Base & Chrome Components
Bencher BY-2
Product ID : BENBY2
Iambic Key Chrome Base & Components
Bencher EZ-1
Product ID : BENEZ1
Universal CW Key Hook-up Cable
Bencher RJ-1
Product ID : BENRJ1
Straight Key Black Base & Chrome Components
Bencher RJ-2
Product ID : BENRJ2
Straight Key Chrome Base & Components