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Ham Radio Accessories

Icom OPC-1457
DC Power Cable for IC-7000/7200/7410/7600/9100
Icom OPC-1529R
Data Communications Cable
Icom OPC-1797
Microphone / Speaker Plug Adapter for IC-92AD
Icom OPC-2004
HS-94 Headset Adapter for IC-V80V82/U82
Icom OPC-2006
HS-94 Headset Adapter for IC-T70A
Icom OPC-2006LS
HS-94 Headset Adapter
Icom OPC-2144
Right Angle Plug Adapter Cable
Icom OPC-2218LU
USB Cloning/Programming Cable
Icom OPC-2253
11.5' Remote Separation Cable
Icom OPC-2254
16' Remote Separation Cable
Icom OPC-2350-LU
Android Data Communications Cable
Icom OPC-254L
Right Angle Mini DC Power Cable
Icom OPC-347
Extra Long DC Power Cable for Icom Mobiles with OEM-T Power Connector
Icom OPC-440
Microphone Extension Cable
Icom OPC-441
Speaker Extension Cable for IC-2300/V8000/2820H/ID-880H/ID-1
Icom OPC-474
Radio to Radio Cloning Cable for Icom Radios
Icom OPC-478
RS-232 PC Programming Cable for Icom Radios
Icom OPC-478U
USB PC Programming Cable for Icom Radios