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Ham Radio Accessories

Yaesu FP-30
Internal Power Supply for FT897 Series
Yaesu YSK-7800
Extra Remote Mounting Kit for FT7800/7900
Yaesu YSK-857
Extra Remote Mounting Kit for FT857 Series
Yaesu YSK-8900
Extra Remote Mounting Kit for FT8800/8900
Alinco APK-G7
Programming Software and USB Cable for DJ-G7T handheld.
Alinco EDS-10
Single pin to Dual Pin Mic Interface Cable
Alinco EME-12
Headset with PTT/VOX for Alinco radios.
Alinco EME-15
Earphone with tie-pin mic (PTT/VOX) for Alinco radios.
Alinco EMS-62
Speaker/Mic for Alinco DJ-G7T/29T
Alinco ERW-4
DB9 Computer Cable
Alinco ERW-7
USB Computer Cable
Communication Specialists ID-8
Multi-Featured Automatic Morse ID'er
Communication Specialists SS-64
Programmable CTCSS Encoder
Inline Adaptive, Amplified DSP Unit
Gap Hear It
Mobile Speaker with active DSP
Gap Hearit Inline Module
Inline Active DSP Module
Icom BON CS-4.5
Bonito Software for R-1500/2500
Icom CS-2300H
Windows Programming Software for IC-2300H
Icom CS-2820
Windows Programming Software for IC-2820H
Icom CS-9100
Windows Programming Software for IC-9100
Icom CS-R20
Windows Programming Software for R-20
Icom CS-R5
Windows Programming Software for R-5
Icom CS-R6
Windows Programming Software for R-6
Icom CS-RX7
Windows Programming Software for RX-7
Icom CS-T70
Windows Programming Software for IC-T70A
Icom CS-V80
Windows Programming Software for IC-V80
Icom CS-V8000
Windows Programming Software for IC-V8000
Icom CS-V85
Windows Programming Software for IC-V85
Icom HM-131
Speaker Microphone for IC-T70/80AD/91A/92AD
Icom HM-158L
Speaker Microphone for IC-V80/V82/U82
Icom HM-174
Waterproof Speaker Microphone for IC-92AD
Icom HM-186LS
Compact Speaker Microphone
Icom HM-75LS
Remote Control Speaker Microphone
Icom RS-91
Remote Control Software for IC-91A
Icom RS-92
Remote Control Software for IC-92AD
Icom RS-BA1
IP Remote Control Software
Icom RS-RP2G2
Gateway Software for D-Star G2 Repeater Controller **Special Order**
Call for price
Icom SP-21
External Speaker
Icom SP-23
Speaker w/Audio Filters
Icom SP-33
Base Speaker
Icom SP-34
Base Station Speaker w/Audio Filters
Icom SP-35
Mobile Speaker
Kenwood ARCP-2000
Radio Control Program for TS-2000 Series
Kenwood KES-5
Mobile Speaker
Kenwood KHS-26
Clip Microphone w/Earphone for Kenwood Handhelds
Kenwood SMC-32
Speaker Microphone for Kenwood Handhelds
Kenwood SMC-33
Remote Control Speaker Microphone for Kenwood Handhelds
Kenwood SMC-34
Speaker Mic with Three Function Keys and Volume Control for Kenwood Handhelds
Kenwood SP-23
Base Speaker
Maha MH800Y
Speaker Microphone for Yaesu Handhelds
MFJ 1025
Noise Cancel / Signal Enhancer
MFJ 1026
Noise Canceling Filter
MFJ 281
Communications Speaker
MFJ 292Y
Earphone Microphone for Yaesu Handhelds