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Ham Radio Accessories

Icom HM-36
Replacement Hand Microphone for Icom Radios with 8-pin Round Connector
Icom HM-75LS
Remote Control Speaker Microphone
Icom OPC-2254
16' Remote Separation Cable
Icom OPC-440
Microphone Extension Cable
Kenwood SP-23
Base Speaker
MFJ 1045C
Receiver Preselector
MFJ 418
Pocket-Size Morse Code Tutor with LCD Display
Keyer Only
MFJ 447
SlimLine Deluxe Keyer
MFJ 461
Morse Code Reader
MFJ 554
Code Practice Oscillator
MFJ 662
Simplex Pocket Repeater
MFJ 751B
Super Tunable SSB/CW Audio Filter
West Mountain ISO/PWR
Auxiliary Battery Isolator
Yaesu BH-2A
Bluetooth Headset
Yaesu BU-2
Bluetooth Adapter Board
Yaesu FGPS-2
External GPS for FTM350 Series, VX8R and VX8DR
Icom MB-116
Handles for IC-7200