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Ham Radio Accessories

Kenwood KSC-32
Product ID : KENKSC32
Rapid Desktop Charger for TH-D72A
Kenwood PB-42L
Product ID : KENPB42L
Lithium Ion 7.4V 2000 mAh Battery Pack for TH-F6A
Kenwood PB-45L
Product ID : KENPB45L
Lithium Ion 7.4V 1800 mAh Battery Pack for TH-D72A
Kenwood SC-51
Product ID : KENSC51
Soft Carrying Case with Belt Clip Swivel for TH-F6A
Kenwood SC-54
Product ID : KENSC54
**TLC for your HT** Soft Carrying Case for TH-K2AT
Kenwood SC-55
Product ID : KENSC55
Soft Carrying Case for TH-D72A
Maha MH-C801D
Product ID : MAHMHC801D
Eight Cell One-Hour Charger
Maha MH-C9000
Product ID : MAHMHC9000
Battery Charger & Analyzer
Maha MH-R-AA4
Product ID : MAHMHRAA4
AA NiMH Rechargeables
MFJ 15
Product ID : MFJ15
HamGear Belt Loop Radio Holder
MFJ 18
Product ID : MFJ18
HamGear Tactical Chest Harness
MFJ 27
Product ID : MFJ27
Carrying Handle for MFJ CW Radios
Product ID : MFJ29C
**Buy a case, just in case!** Carrying Case for MFJ 249/259B
Product ID : MFJ39C
Carrying Case for MFJ 269
MFJ 4114
Product ID : MFJ4114
Deluxe Portable Power Pack
MFJ 633
Product ID : MFJ633
Intelligent Battery Charger
MFJ 92AA01
Product ID : MFJ92AA01
AA NiMH Rechargeable Battery
MFJ 92AA10
Product ID : MFJ92AA10
10 Pack of "AA" NiMH Rechargeable Batteries